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Tim Windsor - Consultant/Facilitator/Trainer/Coach & Podcaster, Kitchener, ON
"My experience working with Shelby as my Personal and Professional Coach has been both inspirational and transformational. Her ability to listen and to hear what I am not always saying with words is a gift. She has helped me both professionally and personally to unlock the deeper conversations that I needed to have with myself. Shelby draws on her formal learning, training and her life and business experience to guide (not direct) the conversation. She caringly and carefully crafts (almost magically in the moment) provocative questions that always get me thinking and talking about the core issues and insights that I need to see, understand, and act on. Her "gift" has been a powerful and wonderful gift to me."
M.P. - Design Business Owner, Vancouver BC
"I have held on to and suppressed a lot of issues that I have not dealt with over the last few years. I was able to be honest with myself, open up and express myself authentically. Not only are you extremely professional, you have provided me with terrific support, understanding, and you’ve been such a great listener. I am so thankful for you and the work we did together."
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